Case Studies

“I knew I made the right choice  from the first phone call with sales to the end when support walked us through it.” Renee Conaway, Insynq Member

Wondering what Insynq can do for you? Check out our case studies to find out what we’ve done.

Maricel & Fulton CPA, Accounting

Maricel & Fulton CPA is a full service accounting firm out of Memphis, Tennessee. Fulton CPA demands zero room for downtime with their constant growth and many accounts. When Fulton CPA decided they needed a full service cloud 2 years ago, they turned to Insynq. Fulton quickly began to rely and trust Insynq with their data in the cloud knowing Insynq’s technical support, CloudAssist, is always there to promptly help. 

Case Study
The Wise Company, E-Commerce

When ‘The Wise Company’ decided to move to the cloud, they looked no further than Insynq. The Wise Company, a manufacturing and e-commerce company based in Memphis Tennessee, knew that it was time to move from in-house servers to a cloud environment to help employees communicate effectively with their many different offices and facilities. 

Case Study
Appalachian Contracting, Construction

When Appalachian Contracting decided to make the move to the cloud, they chose Insynq because of the customized cloud solution. Appalachian knew they weren’t looking for a ‘one size fits all’ cloud that other providers offer and their business demanded 24/7 US based technical support that is responsive. 

Case Study