5 Ways Cloud Computing Improves Customer Service

5 Ways Cloud Computing Improves Customer Service

5 Ways Cloud Computing Improves Customer Experience

Cloud computing offers a long list of benefits for businesses of all kinds, from lower costs to improved security and uninterrupted access to tools, data, and services. But taking your company’s computing needs to the cloud also brings another key benefit – an improved customer experience that increases brand engagement and awareness, builds trust and authority, and boosts customer satisfaction at all points of contact.

A recent study revealed that by 2020, customer experience will trump price and product choices as the key differentiator among brands. In a digital world where people are used to unlimited, constant, and immediate access to any product, information, and service they want, companies operating on standard legacy systems will miss opportunities to expand the reach of their brand and build long-lasting relationships with customers.

In this fast paced, on-demand environment, cloud computing offers the tools and services for improving the customer experience – and in turn, for boosting company growth. Here’s a look at five ways the tools of cloud computing can create a better customer experience.

1.On-Demand Access to Products and Services

There was a time when customers could shop or get services only during a company’s stated business hours. If they needed to contact someone after hours, they had to leave a message or an email and hope to hear back. But today’s consumers expect to be able to access products and services any time, from anywhere, on devices ranging from desktops to smartphones. With cloud based services, customers can shop, get help, or access the full range of a company’s services whenever they like – and employees can respond to them in the same way, from any device and any location.

2.Integrated, Comprehensive Services

Cloud based tools and systems make it possible for customers to get access to all the services they use at the same time, without having to leave the site or connect with different providers. With easy to access customer interfaces, users can manage all the services they need from a single point of entry at their own convenience. For users of accounting and financial services, this makes it easy to access data and perform tasks wherever and whenever the need arises.

3.Personalized and Customized Experiences

The constant availability of customer data in the cloud makes it possible to personalize and customize user experiences to an unprecedented degree. Based on a user’s search history and other points of contact with the company, cloud-based apps can create and send personalized offers or tips in real time, or configure a user’s experience to fit a unique profile.

4.Enhanced Trust and Reliability

Cloud tools offer a variety of ways for customers to contact and stay engaged with a business or brand. These tools can help build a reputation for reliability and trustworthiness. Prompt responses to customer contact, quick resolution to problems, and easy access to all the products and services a customer wants can keep customers returning and draw in new ones.

5.Complete Customer Control

In the digital world, customers are used to taking control, choosing the ways and times they want to interact with the brands and businesses they like. The cloud offers tools for keeping that control and for providing the data businesses need in order to be as responsive as possible to their customers’ changing needs and expectations.

With an array of tools designed to provide customers constant access to products and services on their terms, cloud services can help businesses and brands of all kinds offer the kind of personalized customer experience that builds relationships, enhances trust, and supports a company’s long-term goals.


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