More than a Password Manager

FOR USERS: One-Click access to all of your apps

FOR IT: Easy access managment let's you provide employees & clients  with access to all of your key applications without sharing any of the passwords. 

We empower small businesses to do what they do, better.

Access Management

Add users and clients to your company account and manage their access to applications within minutes.

Identity Management

Put all the applications you use into a single webportal with one password to rule them all.

Earn Revenue

Earn revenue with consolidated billing by managing client’s applications and through affiliate programs.


CloudRunner simplifies enterprise security and password management technologies to enable business owners to manage their users and applications for their employees and clients with no IT or software development skills required. CloudRunner provides all this nestled in a familiar and user friendly collaborative work environment accessed with a single password. (SSO) Instantly provision applications and manage user access with a single click.

Say “No” to Parrots and “Yes” to Identity.

Jim went to extreme lengths to keep up with IT requests.

CloudRunner is powered by Okta to make it even easier for your business. With CloudRunner, You may not need IT at all.

Join the CloudRunner Team

Our team has a purpose to empower. We empower business owners, leaders, and their employees to spend more time doing what they do- even better.